Burnt out on the same old tired fundraiser ideas

Hey look, we admit it.  Our fundraising model isn’t built off of a revolutionary principle that’s going to shock the world with awe and mystique.  In fact, our business strategy to assist our fundraising clients stems from years of experience in a lean manufacturing environment.  Those principals of ‘build to order’ and ‘just in time manufacturing’ are everywhere in our daily lives; from the drive-thru at your local fast food chain to the same reason you can never find your kid‘s cleates in stock at the shoe store in the shopping mall.  Its all about minimizing risk and maximizing profit.  Schools, teams, clubs, businesses, or community organizations find themselves looking for ways to generate some excess funds while increasing notoriety and participation.  Too many times, they bombard their local communities by offering to sell anything and everything that has no resounding impact on what the overall goal should be:  recurring participation.  To compound that, they often find themselves in situations where an over excess of one item or another cheats them out of profit that could have been kept in pocket had some better strategy been laid on the table from the start.  That’s where we come in my friends.  Glory Junkie’s primary focus is to target those who wish to be targeted with demographic-focused products.  We’re about the fan just as much as we are about the program; after all, they pay and we play.  They are the clients and our job is to keep them coming back year after year after year.

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