The Glory Junkie Story...

What started out as a simple effort to give back to their high school alma mater has quickly flourished into a thriving fundraising company for Brittany and Justin cook.  Both graduates from Flora High School, a Class 2A school in Flora, IL, the Cooks acted on their inhibition to develop a better way for local kids to increase their fundraising capacity.  Glory Junkie was founded on the principle of designing and implementing fundraisers comprised of fashionable and trendy merchandise that can excite both athletes and fans alike.  Glory Junkie’s creativity and unique attention to detail provides participating groups the ability to integrate their local school’s mottos, field nicknames, and any other characteristic that makes them feel as if they are one-off custom items made for them and more importantly “by them”.  Our company's philosophy takes into account the players that never left the field, the fans that never left the stands, and the boosters that continue to do whatever it takes to keep their passion alive. 


T-Shirt, Fundraiser T-Shirts in Flora, IL
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